High time to catch up with lab news

It’s about time to catch up with the lab’s developments over the last year!

You blink twice and suddenly more than, ahem, 15 months have gone by without a lab news entry. About time to catch up!

  • Our lab has grown and in addition to Philipp, Lennart and Ben who were here at the last entry we are very happy that four fantastic members have joined the lab! Xin, Shuang, Yu-Hao and Lena started sometime over the last year and tackle tumor immunology questions. In addition, we hosted our first MsC student - Marjenna - who successfully defended in September, belated congratulations!
  • Both Lennart and Yu-hao have been admitted to the Berlin School of Integrative Oncology (and recently presented their projects at the annual meeting).
  • We have finally started working on all facettes of our toolkit - computational, in-vitro and in-vivo assays and it has been wonderful to shift from largely thinking about logistics to discussing science.

We are greatly looking forward to the science we’re working on and sharing it in the time to come!